Summerville Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
3500 Summerville Road | Phenix City, AL 36867 |(334) 298-4416
Our Statement
At Summerville Baptist Church we are striving to make disciples that are:
  • Connected to Christ through worship
  • Connected to the Church through small groups
  • Connected to the Community through service
We believe that when God did an awesome work through His church in the book of Acts, it was not because they had a good program or the newest way to worship.  We believe the church was effective in their role as witnesses because God was at work in and through their lives.
When Jesus first called His disciples, He only asked them to follow Him.  He told them that He would make them fishers of men if they would first follow Him.  When we look at the lives of the disciples, we see Jesus leading them down the road of discipleship.
  • Jesus called them out and their lives were connected to Christ.  Daily they spent intimate time with Jesus as He taught them about who He was and who they were.  Christ is not physically with us today, but we have the opportunity to be close to Him through a life of worship.
  • The disciples spent time together in their small group.  Thus, they were well connected to the church. Together, at the feet of Jesus, they learned about His plan for their lives.  Two things were happening: They were growing in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord and they were forging relationships with other disciples.
  • Jesus traveled throughout the land with His disciples.  From town to town, He was meeting the needs of the people, cleansing lepers, healing sickness, and restoring vision.  The lame were walking, the mute began to speak, He was casting out demons, feeding the hungry, raising the dead, and forgiving sin.  In Matthew 10, Jesus tells the disciples, "It's your turn; go and connect yourselves to the community."  He said, "As you go, preach and heal the sick...go out and meet their needs."
We believe that 3,000 people came to know Jesus in Acts 2 because of the work that began the day Jesus called His disciples and said, "Follow me".  All along the way they were growing and experiencing the life of a man who really cared, who loved, and was able to change lives.  That is the same road that Summerville desires to be on, seeing disciples connected to Christ, the Church,  and the Community.